Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1.Copyright Notice

The website of the Talent Development Committee of Macao Special Administrative Region Government (hereinafter referred to as "the website") is established and maintained by the Secretariat of the Talent Development Committee. Copyrights of all contents (including text, graphics, audios and videos) as well as website programs belong to the Talent Development Committee. The website is protected under related laws of the Macao SAR government and under international copyright treaties.
This copyright notice may be amended at any time. The revised version will be published on the website replacing the old one. After the release of relevant amendments, any use of the website, including browsing, downloading, software execution, submission of information, republishing and reproduction of any content in the website, access to the website via hyperlinks, etc., are subject to the amended Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

2. Republishing and reproduction

Any content of the website, except those belong to third parties, is readily available for non-commercial use, reproduction and republishing without written consent of the Talent Development Committee, on condition that it clearly marks the website as the source of materials and the date that the materials are reproduced, and ensure the accuracy of the contents. The reproduced contents should neither be presented as official nor certified documents of the Talent Development Committee.
Without prior written permission of the Talent Development Committee, it is highly prohibited to use, reproduce or republish any content of the website in any form. For both commercial and non-commercial use, any reproduction of the contents should not be modified unless it is granted with specific written authorization of the Talent Development Committee.
If a third party is the copyright holder of the materials to be reproduced, permission from the third party is necessary as the materials may be subject to their restriction. Users must adhere to the third party’s copyright notice. The website will generally list the relevant terms and details.

3. Figure citation

Part of information in the website is presented in numerical figures. Users may use the relevant figures for further computation and statistical derivation, on condition that it clearly marks the website as the source of figures, and clarifies the methodology of computation or statistical process.

4. Disclaimer

Whilst the Secretariat of the Talent Development Committee has kept the accuracy the materials of the website as much as possible, but makes no warranties and guarantees, expressed or implied. Further, the materials on the website are provided “as is” and it assumes no liability of any kind. The Secretariat of the Talent Development Committee reserves the right to delete, temporarily suspend or edit any information in the website at any time without prior notice. The Secretariat of the Talent Development Committee assumes no responsibility and compensation for any loss or damage in the cases caused by the use of information provided in the website.

5. External Links

The website includes hyperlinks to other websites and e-Services. These hyperlinks are set for user's convenience, and the website assumes no responsibility for the linked website and e-Services. In no event shall the website be liable for any responsibility and compensation arising out of the use of other websites. Using the hyperlinks to visit other websites signifies your exit from this website; thereby you are subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of those websites.

6. Access to this website via a hyperlink

Creating a hyperlink that directs users from an external website to the homepage of this website is granted without prior consent.

7. Collection and Use of Non-personal Information

When you browse or download information from this website, our computer system may log down and keep the following information from your browser, such as your web domain, IP address, access date and time and the web pages you have browsed. The purpose of collecting the information is for internal record only. No investigation based on the information will be operated on users, except the case that the website is under malicious attack due to the relevant visit.
While using e-Services of this website, the software may record your "cookies", and customize it for your revisit. You may receive a warning message of saving cookies if your browser activates the "detecting cookies" function.

8. Collection and Use of Personal Information

8.1 Personal data may be required when you use our e-Services, and the information required may vary depending on the services.
8.2 The identity information provided to this website, including the Macao resident ID number, foreign name, date of birth and gender, will be verified with a program authorized by the Identification Services Bureau (DSI).
8.3 As the coordination and maintenance department of this website, the Talent Development Committee requires its staffs to abide by the Law of Macao SAR related to the security of personal information while handling users’ personal data.

9. Changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Should there be any updates to the terms of use and Privacy Policy, we will have them published in a new version replacing the old one without further notice. Revision date will be listed accordingly.