The rapid urban development of Macao after the formation of the Macao SAR Government has led to an increasing demand for talents. With a view to facilitate the building of Macao as a ‘World Tourism and Leisure Centre’ and a ‘Service Platform for Commerce and Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries’, as well as to enhance talents cultivation to meet the needs of the society in improving livelihood, the Macao SAR Government has in 2013 proposed to develop a long-term mechanism for nurturing talents. The Talent Development Committee was subsequently formed in early 2014 to stipulate, plan and coordinate initiatives for long-term talents cultivation strategies for Macao SAR, to devise measures (short/medium/long-term) and policies for nurturing talents, to setup a mechanism to motivate talents to stay and/or to return to Macao, as well as to coordinate cooperation among local, regional and international efforts on talents cultivation.
The term ‘talent’ is not clearly defined and could find no objective attributes. It is not necessary for one to be educated at a higher level to be named a ‘talent’.

A person may have comparative advantages in competing for a post or a promotion if he/she is professionally qualified (licenced) or certified, experienced in running a business or managing a corporation (organization), obtained higher education, or with other expertise. For others who work earnestly to constantly consolidate their knowledge learned from practice and to strive for quality and professionalism in their trade, may also become a ‘Talent’ of their own trade.

All Macao residents, who have obtained professional qualifications (licences) or professional certification, or who have experience in business or corporate (or organisation) management, or who have a higher education degree or other expertise, are welcomed to complete the Talent Information Registration. The Macao SAR Government will use the data collected through the registration as a reference to formulate relevant policies and measures, whereas Macao residents living abroad could leave their contacts for ease of receiving timely information on related activities in Macao.
Sustainable development of a society relies on sufficient manpower and appropriate composition of talents. Therefore, the Macao SAR Government has in its policy proposed the elites nurturing plan, incentive plan for the qualified professionals, and skilled talents acquiring plan.

Elites Nurturing Plan: To nurture and reserve top-notched talents for Macao, the most outstanding talents of different sectors will be selected and sent to notable cooperating universities/public institutions/advanced corporations either local or abroad to study, further study or to be sent as placements.

Incentive plan for the qualified professionals: Professionals who have gained solid foundation or good performance in specialized fields, will be given incentives to study further, to enhance their expertise or to nurture growth in their professions.

Skilled talents acquiring plan: Training of skilled talents will be strengthened to meet the immediate needs of Macao in its fast and diversified development.

Elites refer to leaders of a profession who have attained professional licences or skills in their specialized field, for example, business elites, patent-holding scientists, political elites, and military elites. Qualified professionals generally refer to the group of people who have relatively higher educational qualifications and longer credentials of service, such as specialist physicians, experienced barristers, pilots, electrical & mechanical engineers, land surveyors and chemists. A skilled person commonly refer to the group of people who have acquired certain vocational skills and make a living with such skills, for example, bus drivers, plumbers, decorators, crane operators, florists, bar benders and security guards.

The talents information database intends to capture the data of Macao's talents registered. The use of this database for matching individuals with corporations is just one of its development goals. In future, when this job matching service becomes available, the talents information database will act as a bridge to link individuals with corporations, which means the information on talents requirement provided by institutions and organisations will be sent to registrants with corresponding professional qualifications and skills.

We stress that personal data of Macao residents are protected by the Personal Data Protection Law. All related tasks performed on the data shall strictly adhere to relevant laws and shall not lead to a public disclosure of the data registered.

First of all, talent nurturing is not just the responsibility of the government or non-government sector. We hope all walks of life could take part and contribute their efforts.

There is a more ideal approach. We hope when all sectors are working together to nurture talents, it can be done in a planned, assessed and coordinated manner. This means that all sectors will co-study and co-formulate the overall development direction and plan for talent nurturing, then all sectors can play a part within the framework development plan while the Talent Development Committee will regularly monitor the situation and to make appropriate coordinated when necessary.

The Tertiary Education Talents Database, as part of this Talent Information Registration, obtains student information (such as academic disciplines) of current local tertiary students as submitted by Macao’s local colleges and universities, and also through data collected from the Learning Material Subsidy for Tertiary Students Program. Then, academic institutions are commissioned to forecast on the demand of different industries and know-how in the tertiary education level. By comparing the above data, a profile on the future needs of talents could be shaped.

As the above database only targets tertiary education talents, the collection of statistics has not covered residents without tertiary education qualifications or individuals who have completed tertiary education. It is therefore necessary to collect data from wider sources for a more comprehensive understanding of the current situation and distribution of talents of Macao, and to use the data as an important reference for policy making. Hence, the Talents Development Committee is now analyzing the available statistics released by the public sector, and is also calling for Macao residents who have obtained professional qualifications (licence) or professional certification, who have experience in business or corporate (or organisation) management, or those who have a tertiary education degree or other expertise to register their information via our webpage, to help build the Talents Information Database.

We welcome all Macao residents to give their comments or suggestions to the Talent Development Committee either by phone at 2855 5108, by emails at info@cdqq.gov.mo, or by post at Avenida da Praia Grande nº 599, Edf. Comercial Rodrigues, 14° Andar B, Macau SAR.